1995 Seattle "Redemption"

1996 Seattle  "Transformation from Man to Bird"

1997 Seattle  "Orchard and Moonsnail Series"

1999 Collusion Gallery, Seattle  "Victorian Lane Series"

1999 Studio 7000, Seattle  "Windows to a New Light"

2000 Studio 7000, Seattle  "Agate Collector and Moon"

2001 Seattle Exhibition Center, Seattle  "Ocean"

2001 Studio 7000, Seattle  "Element"

2002 Studio 7000, Seattle "Soma Arts Presents: Element"

2002 Jewelbox Theater, Seattle  "The Changing Light" (film)

2002 Soma Arts Group, Seattle  "Bramble and Plum Tree Series"

2003 Degenerate Arts,  San Francisco  "Bullhead in Field Series"

2004 Private Exhibition, Los Angeles  " Bramble, Dahlby's Path"

2005 619 Western Series, Seattle  "Sketches for a Klondike Sky"

2005  The Village Quill, Tribeca, New York  "Eastern Thoughts"

2006  Private Exhibition, New York  "America"

2006  Visual Aid, San Francisco  "Bullhead in Field, Klondike Sky"

2006  Arkham Productions, Seattle  "Legends"

2008  Hollywood Hills,  Los Angeles  "Inner Still Life"

2009 Shotwell Street Gallery, San Francisco "Blue Trees, Moonlit Minnow"

2011 Artists on Taylor Gallery, Port Townsend "Agate Bird Series"

2012  Capitol Hill Arts Gallery, Seattle  "Totems for a New Light"

2013  Microsoft Campus, Redmond "Creation Series"